Online Promotions

Our online promotions are designed to be visual links to your event, activity or service. On the home page they run in the right column and on other pages they run in the left column below our sidebar content.

We do not charge for this space, but it is available exclusively to those featured in the magazine. Want to send us a promotion for consideration? It’s easy.

The simplest way to prepare an online promotion is to create a PNG or JPG image file. This image should be at least 300 pixels wide (no wider than 600 pixels, please) and from one to two times as long. So, for example, a 300 x 300 pixel image, or a 300 x 600 pixel image would be fine.

When you design your online promotion remember that our website is viewed on all kinds of devices, so your promotion’s actual size will vary and often may be as small as one inch wide. For this reason, please make sure that any text you include is very large, so that it will be legible even when the promotion gets very small.

Also, be sure to send us the link you’d like us to use for the promotion. If you have an event page, a special promotion or you just want to send folks to your main website–it’s up to you.

Please send the image file, the link and the required time frame for promotion (if it is date-specific) to and be sure to put ONLINE PROMOTION in the subject line.