Sprightly Spices and Herbs

As you work in the kitchen this holiday season, spices and seasonings are your best friend. The flavors they infuse help to bring a dish from good to great, enjoyable to memorable. Heinen’s chef Jackie Novotny shares some recipes for a main, a side and a dessert that feature the fragrant pine flavor of rosemary and the zing of ginger.


Consider what can be enhanced by ginger, a spice that’s often tied to traditional Asian cuisine. Its tangy freshness adds warmth and subtle sweetness to a variety of meals.

Orange-Ginger Salmon

Winter Farro Salad


Whether you pick up a package of rosemary from the produce department or snip it from a rosemary tree as needed, the herb is a great addition to your holiday meals. When cooking with rosemary, it’s important to remember the strength of its lemon and pine flavoring. The aromatic nature of rosemary combined with its beautiful needle-like leaves makes it a lovely garnish for all types of dishes.

Spice Cake with Rosemary Syrup and Blackberry Frosting