All Work and No Play? No Way! An Edible Cleveland Photo Shoot

It was one of the perfect days just recently. Everything was bright and beautiful, and crossing over the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge underneath the steely gaze of the Guardians of Transportation, it was clearly a day to be in love with our city. And I was on my way to an Edible Cleveland shoot. This time, the mission was to meet up with Kathy Ames Carr to spend a few hours in the brewery portion of Market Garden Brewery with masterbrewer, Andy Tveekrem, owner, Sam McNulty, and Platform Beer Co.’s Paul Benner and Shawn Yasaki.

Group Photo blog

Somewhere between sampling the Lakeside Lager and soaking up the endless sun on the patio, we did indeed get the info and the shots that we were there for, but we also enjoyed a lovely morning with interesting people.

Sam and Andy gave us a tour of their current project, the Palace of Fermentation. It’s a large building across W. 24th Street that will soon house a brewing facility that will allow them to distribute their beers on a much wider basis. I, for one, can’t wait to be able to buy Market Garden beer at Heinen’s sometime next year!

The building is in its zillionth or so reincarnation and the evidence of its past in peeling layers of wallpaper and the ghostly outlines of door and window frames were fascinating. There is currently also a small tortilla making operation there, and wouldn’t you know it — that was quite cool, too!

I love days when the sun shines and my assignment is to share a round of drinks and explore another Cleveland renaissance in the making.

-Karin McKenna

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