I Fall for Autumn Cooking

For some, fall is a harbinger of the somewhat bleak and snowy winter season to follow…an unwelcome transition from summer’s jubilation to winter’s hibernation.

While it is true that we snow belt dwellers must dig deep to find the emotional fortitude that will carry us to springtime, there’s no sense in overlooking the attributes of autumn in Ohio. I, myself, prefer to look at the {chilly and} bright side. Magnificent maples, burgundy sunsets, pumpkin festivals and fresh-pressed cider are even more precious to me because the autumn season seems so fleeting. It’s here and gone before I’ve located the flannel sheets and dusted off the crock pot.

I love the food associated with fall because it’s not meant to be quick or light. I can easily justify the extra calories – the cream, the nuts, the carbs – because I’ve got a lot of raking to do. It takes longer to prepare; time that is best shared with friends around cozy cocktails, a fire, old movies or a Sunday football game.

Fall recipes have that hearty, substantial quality and these three selections are no exception. I browsed the pages of some of my favorite Edible publications to find three recipes I’m likely to add to my fall repertoire, and I wanted to share them with you.


Pumpkin Bisque

I go from June – August without thinking much about soup. But the first chilly Sunday at summer’s end generally gets me excited for this fall meal staple. Edible Allegheny highlights Bocktown Beer and Grill’s pumpkin bisque, a savory in-your-face kind of soup that contains nutmeg, sage, and, surprise, buffalo hot sauce. This is not a dainty bisque for ladies who lunch, but is instead a heaping bowl of manly goodness. Bread-dipping is NOT optional. Calorie-counting? Just don’t go there.


ConfettiRisotto.JulieKramerConfetti Risotto

In fall, I relish the low and slow—standing over a stove in my cozy kitchen, dogs at my feet, enjoying the aroma as I stir a simmering pot. It’s the perfect time for risotto. You can make risotto out of pretty much anything. Get the technique down and all you need is patience.

This confetti risotto recipe from Edible Ohio Valley will use up the last of those peppers and the onion in the back of the pantry, as well as the quarter cup of wine left over from last weekend. Add in some rich stock and the cheese of your choice, give yourself 30 minutes, and you’ve got a main dish or a respectable side.


2_appletartApple Almond Tart

And for dessert, I’ll tip my hat to bluegrass country for a dessert that could also make for a darn good breakfast! Edible Louisville shares a fantastic fall tart that doesn’t hold back on the butter or almonds and that will make your favorite apple variety the star of the show. Make this the year to perfect that one signature dessert that will look spectacular on your table. You’ve got nothing but time for a few months, so make it count.


— Lisa Sands