In the Mood for Food

We caught up with a few folks you might know to find out what they look forward to in a romantic meal. Take a look at what they had to say…

Since I do most of the cooking at our house, anything my husband prepares seems indulgent to me! If I had to pick something out as romantic, it would probably be dessert (refined or homey) along with a nice cocktail like a blackberry crisp and a Stormy Morning.

Beth Knorr, Farmers Markets Manager, Countryside Conservancy


My favorite “in the mood” food is a dish that reminds me of one of the first times that my husband cooked for me. We were newly dating, and he made us peppercorn-crusted filet mignon with a balsamic reduction. Now, when he wants to be romantic, he’ll recreate that dish for me. I think special dishes that can bring back fond memories for a couple are the best way to set the mood.

Katrina a.k.a. “Bite Buff”


My favorite “in the mood food” is any food shared with my love when we are dining by candlelight in a place with great atmosphere. I LOVE homemade pasta and sauce that uses local, fresh veggies, served with an amazing wine. Eating food that is SLOW FOOD or that has a story draws emotion out of me, and creates a very intimate experience and gets me “in the mood”!

Brooke Gammie, Quarry Hill Orchards


The way to my heart is a rich, moist chocolate cupcake, with dark chocolate buttercream frosting—OR a slice of layer cake with the same qualities. But a less obvious “in the mood” favorite is soup. On a frosty evening there’s nothing better than a bowl of SPICY chicken/coconut/ curry soup to warm heart, soul, and relationship—especially if you make the soup with someone you love.

Dee Perry,
Senior Producer and Host, Ideastream

Ready to start your planning?

Emily Ellyn’s “In the Mood Foods” has insight into the history and science of aphrodisiacs. If you know what to look for, a sensual food experience could be “just a supermarket away,” according to Ellyn.

The gesture of planning and preparing a meal is equally, if not more important, than the food itself. If you’re looking to create a romantic mood devise a dinner that evokes emotion, recreates a memory, or that shows you’ve been paying attention. Heat up the kitchen even more by inviting your partner to share in the cooking, and know that clean up can wait until the morning.