Q&A with Door to Door

Emily Richardson, the local marketing specialist for Door to Door Organics , tells us everything you need to know about this new way to get healthy food year around in Cleveland. Plus she announces their first annual Good Food Gathering coming up this fall.


Emily, we know Door to Door Organics is relatively new to Northeast Ohio, so can you tell us about how the company started?

Our founder started the company in 1997 with fresh, simple seasonal boxes of organic produce delivered to our customers’ doorsteps. Since then, we’ve expanded our service to include a wide selection of organic, local, humanely raised, and sustainable meat, seafood, dairy, and pantry staples. We’ve expanded to serve more areas as well and just began delivering in Cleveland in May. Our mission is to empower people to eat Good Food that has a positive impact on our health, our communities, and the environment.


How is using Door to Door different than CSAs we’ve heard about?

Door to Door Organics delivers a box similar to what you receive from a CSA, but our curated boxes are filled with certified-organic produce rather than just locally grown items. Also, you have more of an opportunity to customize your order with a variety of fruits and veggies rather than just what’s available from one farm that week. Customers receive an email on Friday afternoon with the contents of next week’s box, and they have until noon the day before delivery to make substitutions and add on grocery items. This helps people satisfy picky eaters in the family, get ingredients needed for a specific recipe, and keep never-local items like bananas and avocados stocked in their home. Also, we deliver to our customers’ homes – they do not have to pick up!

We do buy local whenever possible and feature our local farmers and artisans in blog posts, special highlights, and events throughout the year.


Do you have to buy every week to use your service?

No,  you can schedule your delivery to be weekly or biweekly, and you may hold or cancel your order at any time, so there is no obligatory subscription period. However, the shopping experience is structured as a regular customizable order – not a ‘log in and shop’ format.


What are the top five items people are buying this time of year?

Our produce buyers find that they can’t keep in stock enough Brussels sprouts, apples, butternut and other autumn squash, potatoes, kale, collard greens, and Satsuma Mandarin oranges. These fall favorites work well in healthy comfort food casseroles and warming soups.


Does the food you offer change from season to season?

Yes, it does. While we know that people like to eat some things year round – like bananas – we are champions of eating by the season and work to feature the season’s best in our curated produce boxes.


What might surprise people about Door to Door Organics?

We operate out of a zero-food-waste facility. Each week, we donate less-than-perfect and leftover produce to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and Our Community Hunger Center, and then Groundz Recycling picks up our compost. We also reduce food waste in a way grocery stores can’t because of our short buying cycle and innovative demand forecasting. Since we purchase based on demand for the following week, we waste less. In fact, we keep 44% more food out of landfills than the average supermarket.


What’s coming up that you want folks to know about?

Our first annual Good Food Gathering is on Sunday, November 8th! This event celebrates the delicious foods grown and produced in our local community. It’s a free event and all are welcome to come out to meet some of our local farmers and artisans. We’ll have live music, fun activities for all ages, and of course, delicious, seasonal food. And the location in Cuyahoga Valley National Park couldn’t be more perfect.  Learn more on our Facebook page.


We love new recipes, so before you go, could you hook us up with a few of your favorites?

Roasted Kabocha Squash Salad.jpgRoasted Kabocha Spinach Salad

smoked_salmon_pizza_slice.jpgMeyer Lemon, Goat Cheese and Smoked Salmon Pizza

Curried Pumpkin and Coconut Soup.jpgCurried Pumpkin and Coconut Soup