Q&A with Lauren Krueger

What sets you apart from other Cleveland based companies like yours?

DistinctCLE is very culinary driven with a focus on finding small batch hand crafted food products that are sometimes hard to find unless you frequent farmers markets and helping those small businesses get discovered through our services. We also are very event heavy, holding seasonal Crate to Table Dinners to show how to use each small batch product in your own kitchen.

Where do the crates come from?

The crates are actually hand made by us (two women with a table saw, a miter saw and an air gun). We source the wood from the Ohio River Valley, have it milled in Norton, Ohio by Sam the Lumber Jack and then put on our eye protectors and go to it in our garage.

What is your favorite recipe from the Harvest Fall Crate featured in your ad?

I absolutely love a Maple Bacon Jam Flatbread with Lake Erie Creamy Goat Cheese and a Balsamic Reduction. Simply follow the directions on the Oven 51 Pizza dough package to make the flatbread dough. Bake the dough then let it cool down. Spread the Maple Bacon Jam over the dough and sprinkle the Lake Erie Creamy Goat Cheese over the entire thing. Bake for about 10-15 min at 350’ then take out the oven and drizzle the Balsamic Reduction over the flatbread!

The details on DistinctCLE Crates…

DistinctCLE Crates are 100% local! Our crates, the products that are packed in them and the packing material we use is all from within the borders of our fabulous state of OHIO. Please visit our website at distinctcle.com to see all the curated crates available for shipping anywhere in US and call 216-513-9220 to discuss any custom crates you like to order.