Q&A with Ohio Hardwood Furniture

We took a few minutes to catch up with Pascal King-Smith, the owner of Ohio Hardwood Furniture, to find out more about his store and his love of home furnishing.


Tell me how you came to be in the home furniture business?

I started building custom furniture in my parents basement years ago, and so after thirty years in the wood products manufacturing business I was thrilled when the opportunity in Peninsula came along. I started with my own cabinet shop, King-Smith Cabinets, and then moved on and started Lattasburg Lumberworks, a custom moulding business that provided precision-produced mouldings to furniture manufacturers.  Now we combine our lumber mill and highly skilled craftsman to build unique, heirloom quality furniture. Because our lumber mill is involved in the front end of the manufacturing process we are able to be more than simply a furniture retailer. Lattasburg Lumberworks allows us the flexibility to find customized solutions to the unique design challenges our customers bring to us.

What is special about what folks will find when they come to your store?

I hear so many of our customers enjoying both the smell and the feel of our wood finishes as they browse through our many unique furniture designs. They enjoy the smoothness of our wood finishes, the soft hand of our leathers, and the variety of textures on our upholstered fabrics. I also think the quality of the furniture we offer speaks to folks immediately when they step foot in our door. There’s a commitment to offering products built the right way and all of our furniture is proudly built in the US.

What is the biggest mistake people make when they buy furniture for their home?

Not purchasing from Ohio Hardwood Furniture—just kidding. I try to help customers lay out and spatial plan their room, so that they don’t over buy and end up with a room which doesn’t flow well. Also we have several dozen stain choices to choose from, hundreds of fabrics and leathers, and multiple hardware suppliers so our customers are left to make many choices when deciding on a piece. We realize those choices take time and can be overwhelming. We have no qualms suggesting to our customers they sleep on those decisions that are difficult to make on the spot. We’ll send customers home with stain samples or mail out fabric samples. We want them to be confident in their decisions and try to provide all the necessary information and input to make choices they’ll be pleased with. Many of our customers visit us two, three or more times before deciding to purchase.

What’s your favorite piece of furniture in your home?

Aunties Rocker with Dejavu Leather.  I keep one next to the wood stove. It’s a remarkably comfortable chair to unwind in at night, particularly during Ohio winters. Seriously. You have to sit in this rocker to understand. Definitely my favorite.

Tell us about being located in the middle of a national park.

Peninsula is a great place to both work and visit. It’s a beautiful backdrop for a retail store and one we think fits well with our aesthetic. It’s nice that our customers can make an eventful day out of coming to our store unlike stores in more shopping center environments. They can shop around, take a train ride, go for a hike and grab a bite to eat at Fisher’s or Winking Lizard.

If someone is going to invest in their first handcrafted piece of furniture, what should it be?

I think that depends on the unique immediate needs of each customer. Family plays a big role in a lot of our customer’s lives and a lot of family time centers around meals at the dinner table. We love the idea of our tables providing the backdrop for holiday meals for our customers for years to come. We also highly recommend quality upholstered pieces and do our best to educate customers on the different methods of manufacturing. It’s easy to distinguish a solid piece of hardwood furniture from particle board or a poorly made veneer. It’s much easier to disguise a lack of quality in an upholstered piece than a wood piece. 

What’s really popular in your store these days?

Reclaimed tabletops with hand worn edges. People like the rustic look of the slab wood and it can be really versatile. You can pair a live edge top with a metal base and some sleek upholstered dining chairs for a rustic modern look that’s very popular at the moment or go with a wood base and bench seating for more of a cabin look.

Ohio Hardwood Furniture
1770-B Main Street in Peninsula
Store Phone: 330.657.2095