Clotted Cream and Thickened Cream

Makes about 1 cup of clotted cream and 2 cups of thickened cream.

The ultimate in decadent English dairy recipes, clotted cream is the thick, yellow top of long, slowly heated cream. The cream remaining after the clot is skimmed off can be used to flavor the mashed potatoes that serve as the pillow for our pork confit. I use Snowville heavy cream for this recipe. A diffusion plate on the burner may be needed.

  • 4 cups heavy cream

Heat the cream in a heavy saucepan on the lowest possible heat for 5–6 hours, or until a deep yellow crust forms. The cream should never even come to the simmer. Set the cream in a cool spot overnight but do not refrigerate. Carefully remove the crust and place it in a sterilized jar. The thickened cream that remains may also be saved. Both will keep in the refrigerator for several weeks.