Pineapple Rum

Before the advent of canning, Europeans figured out a more primordial way to preserve pineapple—they kept it soaking in rum, which was shipped by the barrelful from the Caribbean to the courts. Pineapple Rum, for a good 150 years, was an extravagance fit for kings at their most gallant.

Cut into thin slices the flesh of half a pineapple. Stack the slices in a 32-ounce jar. Pour in a bottle of good Barbados rum (I prefer Mount Gay Black Barrel). Let sit in the refrigerator for one to three days. Taste every day until it’s reached a level of sweetness that suits your taste. Strain the rum back into the bottle. Serve it on the rocks, using the rum-soaked pineapple as a garnish, or as a snack.