Eat Local: Take the Challenge

Can you find all the ingredients for a complete made-from-scratch meal in your local region? This is the challenge 400 Bon Appétit restaurants, cafés and institutional dining rooms across 32 states will take on Tuesday, September 25.

Bon Appétit Management serves 120 million meals every year from college campuses to museums nationwide. In Cleveland, they service The Market Café, CWRU, the Garden Café at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and the Cleveland Museum of Art. They also service Oberlin College (Stevenson, Dascomb, Wilder and Lord Saunders dining halls—all are open to the public but tickets for each need to be purchased at Wilder Café).

Bon Appétit’s goal is to be known for its culinary expertise and commitment to socially responsible practices. These practices have included using only cage-free eggs, fair trade chocolate, pork raised without gestational crates, sustainable seafood and using RBGH-free dairy to create a model of using only whole, fresh ingredients.

In 1999, Bon Appétit enacted a Farm to Fork policy where at least 20% of the food they source comes from local farms within 140 miles. Beth Kretschmar of Bon Appétit Management based at CWRU says CWRU sources about 27% of its food from local sources. Her branch purchases 70,000 pounds of potatoes alone from a family farm in Sandyville, Ohio. Now that’s local sourcing! Venture out to a Bon Appétit café or eat in—but challenge yourself this September 27 to eat 100% local.