West Side Market Local Food Guide

As part of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s Sustainable Cleveland 2019 initiative, the West Side Market is celebrating the 2012 Year of Local Foods by unveiling a new Eating Local at the Market program. This program includes an Eating Local at the Market guide that will share which stands carry local foods, as well as Eating Local at the Market decals that qualified vendors will use to mark the local foods sold at their stand.

WSM.Local100_sealWhile the term “local foods” can carry multiple meanings, the West Side Market has defined it as food that has been grown or raised on a farm within 100 miles of the Market. The program focuses on identifying which whole products—such as cheeses, meats, fruits and vegetables—are local. In the future, the program may be expanded to include products like baked goods that have multiple ingredients. While vendor participation in the program is voluntary and expected to increase, approximately 10% of market businesses are represented in the program.

This program will be launched to coincide with the City of Cleveland’s SC2019 Summit and the 8th International Public Markets Conference in late September.