Mindful Eating Workshops Offer Respite from the Rushing World

Think about the last time you ate a meal. Do you remember how the food tasted past the first bite? Do you remember how it smelled, or how long it took you to eat?

Many of us don’t, and for understandable reasons. We’ve become busier and busier as a culture, and we’ve learned to speed through our meals so we can move on to our next task. Instead of providing opportunities for relaxation and nourishment, meals have become yet another chance to rush and create stress.

Mindful eating can provide a powerful antidote. It’s the practice of slowing down and eating in partial silence, so that we truly taste our food and can reflect on the hard work and resources that go into food production and preparation. Mindfulness can help deepen your appreciation of a meal and reinforce the benefits that every bite can offer—from flavor and nutrition, to energy and comfort.

If you want to learn more and to practice mindful eating, there’s a new workshop series being led in partnership with yoga teacher Laura Ross. The series takes place at Inner Bliss Yoga Studio’s Westlake location, 29055 Clemens Rd. Each event includes an hour-long all-levels yoga class, followed by a meal eaten partly in silence and a discussion.

The events are timed to the seasons, so that each one offers seasonally appropriate vegan meals created by Lakewood-based catering company Cleveland Vegan. The fall offering will take place on Sunday, Nov. 3. Each session costs $30, including the yoga practice and meal.

You must pre-register to attend. To sign up or for more information, go to InnerBlissYogaStudio.com, and click on “Special Workshops.”