Publisher’s Letter

Gather . . . It’s a funny little word, when you think about it. Sure, it means “to bring together.” But bring together what? It is a word flexible enough to encompass those times we come together with lots of people to celebrate, along with those more solitary moments when we are hunting down key ingredients for a special recipe.

More than anything, to me gather implies taking time. Gathering isn’t something that happens immediately, in part because whatever it is you’re gathering isn’t likely to show up all at once. It has to be collected from wherever it might be. This isn’t usually an easy or quick task, but it rewards one’s effort and creativity.

Gathering is certainly something we know well at Edible Cleveland.

We know it well because everything about food seems to come down to gathering. Whether you’re out at the farmers market gathering fresh ingredients, or in your own kitchen collecting scraps to use in stocks and sides, or in a field picking apples or a forest foraging for mushrooms, or gathering friends and neighbors for a potluck or food swap, or simply calling the family to the table to gather for dinner, gathering is our way of preparing to eat—and, well, that’s what Edible Cleveland is all about.

Every season we gather stories and images from our local food community that we want to share with you. Sometimes, stories start a year in advance, like Steve Corso’s visit to Markko Vineyard. Other stories crop up on the cusp of the changing season, like Dan Scharf’s mushroom-hunting adventure with photographer and first-time forager Karin McKenna. All of it is carefully collected from communities throughout the region and served up on these pages for you.

This season’s issue invites you to explore this special time of year when we gather in so many ways. And as you dig in, we hope you’ll discover something new to bring to your next gathering.


Noelle Celeste