A Lakefront Favorite Turns 50

It’s rumored that more people pop the question at Pier W than any other restaurant in Cleveland. Is anyone surprised by that? With the building jutting out from the cliff s of Lake Erie, looking adoringly at the city skyline day after day, it’s romantic without really trying. Pier W has long been a go-to spot for special celebrations and anniversaries. But this year, it’s focusing on celebrating its own. Fifty years ago, Pier W opened its doors on Lake Avenue and it’s remained one of the city’s faithful dining institutions ever since.

Some things have remained unchanged over the past five decades—namely the bouillabaisse and old-school customer service—while a few updates have been made to keep with the times. A $3.5 million interior renovation in 2005 and a new rooftop patio in 2013 help to keep the ambience fresh while seasonal menu updates and commitment to using 100% sustainable seafood keep up with the modern customer’s dining preferences.

Executive Chef Regan Reik’s ongoing relationship with quality seafood vendors across the world means what you’re served has likely been caught fresh within the past day or two, perhaps even sent directly off the fisherman’s boat. A tenured staff, in-house fish butchering program, and passionate sommelier, Kliment Stevoff, round out the restaurant’s impressive bench that sets it apart from Cleveland’s other fine dining establishments.

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Whether you went there once for Mother’s Day brunch or on a romantic date, it seems as if every Clevelander has a personal memory at Pier W. And isn’t that what really makes a restaurant special? You can practically feel all of the happy memories shared there, making each dish and moment spent there that much sweeter.

“The next 50 years are going to look a lot like the last 50,” says Mark Kawada, general manager at Pier W, “with a continued focus on providing the freshest seafood in Cleveland and maybe even a presence on the east side.”

Want to share your celebration memories? Pier W invites you to post yours on their Facebook page, where they’re hosting monthly, anniversary-themed contests for a chance to win free gift certificates. For reservations call 216.228.2250 or visit PierW.com