From The Publisher

Our intent at Edible Cleveland is to surprise and delight you with stories from all corners of our region. When we succeed, it’s thanks to the incredible storytellers we have working with us.

Over the years, they’ve ventured out to try ice fishing, to search for ginseng, and to explore the Lake Erie islands. They’ve been on call during lambing season, out collecting eggs in Amish country, and journaling about gardening in knee-deep snow. We love how they dive wholeheartedly into their explorations.

Inspired by their adventurous spirit, we set out a year ago on an editorial field trip, inviting our writers and photographers to meet up at Local Roots Café in Wooster where we had heard a local food movement had taken root. After a brief history lesson and a delicious breakfast, writer and photographer teams were each paired up with a local guide to scout stories. All day they explored and as evening fell we gathered for dinner at City Square Steakhouse to swap stories. The result is the collection of small town stories you’ll find beginning on page 41. And in true Edible Cleveland fashion, our contributors took the theme a step further, planning their own field trips to Circleville and Painesville to find more unique small town stories to share.

The timing for this theme couldn’t be better as we welcome Kathy Ames Carr to our editorial team with this issue. As it turns out, some of Kathy’s earliest food memories are from her grandparents’ farm in Wooster. It’s especially sweet to be looking back with Kathy as she steps forward into a new role on our editorial team as managing editor.

So here’s to this season of stories from small towns, great pumpkins, and everything else we discovered along the way. In these stories, we appreciate the importance of balancing tradition and transformation. We see how long-standing festivals can thrive side by side with new businesses and neighbors, and how a combination of honoring our past and cultivating our future helps to create vibrant communities throughout our region.

May you enjoy the bounty of the season!