Publisher’s Letter

You and I have something in common—we love discovering new things. That feeling you get when you learn about something you didn’t know before is like crisp fall air when it hits your lungs. You feel deeply alive, connected to the world and to your body, present in the moment. Whether you’re the kind of person who shares your experience with others or you like to keep it to yourself, nestled comfortably in your mind where you can let it marinate, a new discovery is precious.

One of the great gifts of working with the Edible Cleveland team is that every season I know I’ll discover something. Along with our intention to create something beautiful and to build community through storytelling, we also value what we can find when we follow our curiosity. What’s happy hour like for Alison who is in a wheelchair? How does the guy down the street become an entrepreneur straight out of college, a farmer in Amish country, a shopkeeper in Ohio City—or all three? What’s the secret ingredient in your great-grandmother’s sausage?

Pursuing the answers leads to all kinds of adventures, and we never know quite where we’ll end up. These aren’t stories that can be told with a phone interview and a well-turned phrase. Our contributors have to jump off the beaten path to find something new to bring to our pages. They are out rooting around farms, businesses, and festivals, to bring our readers first-hand accounts from the field. They introduce us to new faces and take us on culinary adventures that give us a front row seat to see how the sausage is made—sometimes literally.

We do this work because we share your passion for discovery. And we believe that in uncovering new things about the people and places that inhabit our local food community, we also reveal more about ourselves—what we cherish and how that influences the choices we make in our lives.

I invite you to take a few moments away from your busy day to step back from what you know—your work, your chores, your routine—to explore parts of our community you’re unfamiliar with and see what you might discover about yourself. Perhaps somewhere in our pages, you’ll catch yourself feeling like you’re taking a deep breath full of crisp fall air.

From all of us, we hope you have a delicious, abundant fall season, and celebrate a Thanksgiving deeply steeped in gratitude for all the gifts we share.