The Power of Mise

Mise en place refers to the physical and mental preparation prior to cooking and is perhaps the most important technique for home cooks to learn in order to deepen their confidence and elevate their results.

Carefully reading a recipe and making sure that all of the ingredients and equipment necessary are within reach enables the cook to prepare both the space and his or her mind for the task at hand. Deliberately cutting, weighing, and arranging each ingredient in the order in which it will be used ensures that the recipe will proceed smoothly. Using a well set mise results in better cooking because each item is ready, and all of the cook’s focus can g o into the actual cooking. It is not necessary to try to do two things at once, like chopping and sauteing.

Some cooks place all of the prepped ingredients in individual bowls. Others make neat piles on a cutting board . Any style can work. It is the thought and preparation that are key.

The structure of the mise provides a strong foundation on which your culinary aspiration scan be achieved, whether it is a single dish or an entire Thanks giving dinner.