Publisher’s Letter

NOL3What we pay attention to is what becomes important. It’s a simple idea and the beginning of every practice, every choice. When you dig down and think about how something started, its origin is usually a moment when you noticed something and with that gift of your attention a shift occurred.

It was just about nine months ago that Jon and I paid attention to a “what if ” idea that struck us while on summer vacation. We came across Edible Vineyard and were immediately taken by the beauty and personality of the publication. We thought “What if Cleveland had an Edible?” and that simple question plunged us into a new adventure that eventually led us here, to you.

Today, you’ve picked up the very first issue of Edible Cleveland, a new magazine dedicated to paying attention to where the food that you eat comes from and connecting you to the people who grow, harvest and produce it.

Jon and I hope that when you read Edible Cleveland, you will get to know the people who raised the chickens that lay your eggs or learn about the challenges that go into incorporating sustainable practices on a farm in Ashtabula. And we believe this attention to the people and practices that make up our local food economy will inspire you to visit farmers markets, dine at independent restaurants, try out recipes with seasonal ingredients and support our amazing local food businesses.

Speaking of supporting local businesses, we encourage you to support the partners who make Edible Cleveland possible by advertising with us. Stop by and buy something, and while you’re there be sure to mention this magazine.

And finally, a moment of gratitude. To go from “what if ” to our first issue took the support of so many people. Thanks to those who stepped up with their financial support, counsel and most importantly their talent. We are delighted by the stories and images in this first issue and we hope Edible Cleveland grows to be a home to creativity in our community. And a special thanks to our friends and family—especially our daughter, Josephine—without whom we couldn’t have pulled off this dream to bring Edible Cleveland to life on the shores of Lake Erie.

Now, Edible Cleveland is definitely designed to be savored, so grab a cup of coffee, put up your feet and enjoy!

Noelle Celeste