Crumbs Bakery

Athens, Ohio

What began as a humble bakery operation with an alternative business model in the late 1970s now thrives as Crumbs Bakery—a worker-owned purveyor of local and organically prepared goods. Housed in Athens in a community kitchen incubator called ACEnet (think LaunchHouse but for entrepreneurs in the food and restaurant industries), Crumbs produces a wide range of breads, pastries, other baked goods and pastas. The worker/owners pride themselves in traditional baking craftsmanship and churn out high-quality, wholesome products without the use of any hydrogenated oils or added sugars.

The folks at Crumbs have supported organic food production long before it was in fashion. Board member and worker/owner Jeremy Bowman says Crumbs is now focusing on its wholesale operation and product development, while still keeping its emphasis on responsible sourcing, natural and organic food production and community building.

But no need to plan a road trip to Athens to get a taste of Crumbs’ products (we recommend their tasty crackers for starters). Crumbs’ goods are now available at specialty stores and select CSAs. Some retailers include Flying Fig Market in Ohio City; Kent Natural Foods, Oberlin Market, Local Roots Market & Café in Wooster; Wine Spot in Cleveland Heights; Nature’s Bin, Mustard Seed Market in Solon and Montrose; and area Whole Foods Markets. Customers can also order everything from their popular Birdseed bread to chewy chocolate chip cookies straight from