Instant Garden Anywhere

Imagine being able to create an instant garden anywhere—your rock-filled backyard, your front porch, your garden pond or even your roof. GardenSoxx is an innovative local product that helps you do just that.

All you do is fill the GardenSoxx mesh tube with compost, poke holes where you want plants to grow and put in the seeds or seedlings. You can’t over water because excess moisture drains out of the mesh casing. And your garden will be good to go for several years without replenishing the compost. There are even GardenSoxx planters that come filled with weed-free, disease-free compost, ready to plant.

These easy-to-use garden starters are perfect for new gardeners and community projects. In fact, last summer, 650 low-income families in Elyria and 200

in Cleveland received an instant four-foot by four-foot vegetable garden, planted and ready to tend, thanks to the Family Garden Initiative, a partnership between the Church of the Open Door and the Filtrexx Foundation. Their vision of every vacant lot in Cleveland transformed into a source of food and delight is inspiring.

In my own backyard, I’m already planning my new strawberry patch with its round green leaves under which red, heart-shaped, sweet berries are hiding in little clumps. I’m thinking about that soft, juicy flesh picked at the perfect moment of ripeness and I’m smiling as I enjoy that first bite that only a vineripened berry can deliver, knowing that

Photo courtesy of GardenSoxx

I’m not fighting the slugs and nematodes for that special flavor. Now if only the folks at Filtrexx could come up with a way to keep out the birds!

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