The Champions of Breakfast

Ten years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of asking you to wake up early on the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays were sacred days, recovery days. But as my husband and I have grown wiser, we’ve embraced these mornings—the early, unrushed sunshine and that first buzz of caffeine, silent city streets, and the prospect of picking this week’s breakfast joint.

We’re not talking brunch, but straight-up basics, done right. Ryan knows the omelet places; I do crêpes and scones. We butt heads a bit on coffee, but settle over the best muffins in town. Sometimes it’s greasy spoon, sometimes it’s fancy pants. Yet each time—no matter what we have done the night before—we find someplace new.

Now we’d like you to join us at the table.

In January, we invited a few friends to join us at the Katz Diner and the Cleveland Breakfast Club was born. Now, every month we have a standing date for a morning bite. It could be bacon and eggs at your house, a donut hole party at our house, a visit to Bonbon Pastry & Café, or a mimosa bar at the cycling studio.

Two people, seven people, 70. There’s no commitment, no pressure, just breakfast.

The Cleveland Breakfast Club is open to everyone, even you. To find this month’s date and destination, to suggest restaurants and diners, or to throw in your hat for hosting duties, visit the club’s Tackkboard.