An Edible Makeover

Cosmetics straight from your kitchen cabinet

Using edible ingredients on your face might seem like a strange idea at first. But with our increasing awareness of the importance of choosing natural, organic, and clean foods over chemical- and preservative-filled processed options to stay healthy, it only makes sense the same would apply to our skin.

Skin is the body’s first line of defense against environmental toxins and needs to be nourished and hydrated to function at its best. Many ingredients in commercial products can be dehydrating and irritating to the skin, which not only compromise its performance, but can also affect its appearance in the form of dryness, fi ne lines, discoloration, and blemishes. With a little creativity, practice, and a few organic edibles, you can replace your overthe-counter products and be on your way to a healthier, more beautiful complexion. Not only will you eliminate unnecessary chemicals altogether, you’ll also gain control over the color of your products, save money, leave a smaller carbon footprint, and rest easy knowing your makeup is cruelty-free.

Creating your own edible cosmetics is not an exact science, so tweak the ingredients to suit your personal taste and unique complexion. As for ingredients, you may already have many of them in your kitchen, and the rest can be easily found at health food stores, such as Mustard Seed Market. Finally, this project is great to do with a few friends because most of the recipes make enough to share. Ready to start? Put on your apron because sometimes going clean can make a bit of a mess.