The Bhakti of Beer

Few things offer both the physical and mental release of a great yoga class, though some people might say they experience a similar euphoria after indulging in a craft beer or three. Hey, we’re not judging.

Melissa Klimo-Major saw potential in combining the two activities and founded Balance & Brews, a nomadic community of yoga-practicing craft beer lovers. Melissa and her instructors now offer monthly vinyāsa-style classes at Butcher and the Brewer and Platform Beer Company.

“We started working with these breweries because they’re a bit adventurous with their brews and they showed a real willingness to pioneer these events with us,” Melissa said.

After an hour of head-clearing asanas, yogis are just a few steps away from their favorite craft beer. The tantalizing scents of yeast and hops offer a unique aromatherapy aspect to the experience.

“Yoga in a brewery is different from practice in a studio. It’s not as controlled a setting, so it challenges all of us to find our presence, even with all of the changing elements. That said, it’s also a laid-back atmosphere where people new to yoga can feel more comfortable,” Melissa added.

The cost of each Balance & Brews class is $25, which includes an hour of yoga instruction, complimentary water, a welcome and tour by a brewmaster, and a post-workout beer of choice.

The team hopes to announce additional brewery locations in the future, some outside of downtown Cleveland.

Balance & Brews is based on a work hard, play hard mentality but offers an additional meditative component and instant post-workout gratification. One of Melissa’s calorie-burning workouts makes for a great reason to indulge in a rich, satisfying brew.

Yoga. Beer. Life. It’s all good. Register for Balance & Brews classes at