Publisher’s Letter

Noelle and Josephine at the Women’s March in Washington D.C.

There’s no denying that we are living in fearful, unpredictable times. Heightened distrust paired with divisive discourse disrupts our daily lives and threatens our well-being. In these days, it is essential to live your values. So, I want to share with you the core values we articulated when we started Edible Cleveland:

Be optimistic

Edible Cleveland is a celebration. As such, we strive to tell the stories that expand our sense of community, deepen our understanding of practices, satisfy our curiosities about food, and cultivate a vibrant food culture.

Local matters

Although Edible Cleveland is a member of a thriving national movement, the focus of our work is local, and it will stay that way. We work with local writers and artists to capture the people, places, and food that make up our region’s unique culinary culture.

Beauty counts

We want to publish a magazine that’s worthy of the paper it’s printed on. Striking photography, the well-turned phrase, and a gorgeous layout combine to create an experience that feels remarkably indulgent. We strive for every issue of Edible Cleveland to be an object of beauty and source of inspiration.

Be of value

Edible Cleveland seeks to be a resource for everyone interested in our food culture. We strive to bridge the gap between those who love food and their food sources.

With this issue, we celebrate five years of publishing Edible Cleveland, and our core values have guided every day of this journey. When Jon and I first started planning this magazine, we knew we wanted it to be as much about community as it was about food; as much about curiosity as it was culinary. What we weren’t prepared for was how many extraordinary people we’d meet along the way. The farmers, the chefs, the entrepreneurs, the advocates, the writers, the photographers, the illustrators, and you—the readers—you’ve inspired us to continue to search for that next story that celebrates the diversity and beauty of our local food community.

While there are countless people I could thank, there are four women in particular who give so much to this endeavor and deserve special recognition: Laura Watilo Blake, our photo editor; Kathy Ames Carr, our managing editor; Cheryl Koehler, our layout designer; and Lisa Sands, our social media director. For years, they have helped us seek out the stories, wrangle the talent, and shape the final product into each edition of Edible Cleveland. Without their talent and wisdom, we wouldn’t still be here.

This is our gift to you. Every season, our pages are a place you can come to learn, to connect, to discover, to celebrate. And it feels especially sweet to offer you this issue on our anniversary. We hope you’ll join us on May 6 for the big celebration dinner and that you’ll continue to read the stories, support the advertisers, and do your part to cultivate a strong, diverse, distinct local food community in Northeast Ohio.

Happy Spring,