Publisher’s Letter

This season’s edition of Edible Cleveland is dedicated to exploring Sunday. It’s a day many are quick to proclaim as a day of rest, but honestly, my Sundays are anything but restful. In fact, I believe Sunday, perhaps more than any other day of the week, has the potential to reflect our priorities and passions, because for many of us, it is a day we can spend doing what we choose.

Our Sunday might begin with a spiritual practice or a leisurely breakfast, followed by an afternoon spent volunteering, gardening, or hiking. Perhaps it wraps up with reading a good book, baking bread, or gathering the family together to feast.

In many homes, Sunday activity includes a good portion of time in the kitchen. From brunch to family dinner, cooking is less a chore on Sunday and more a way of expressing our love and sharing our traditions. We consult well-worn cookbooks for time-honored family recipes or share knowledge side by side at the stove, passing rituals from generation to generation. Every recipe connects us to our family through technique, flavor, and love.

In the pages to follow, our Sunday stories feature Mark Kawada learning the secrets of sushi cooking with his bachan, and three local chefs cooking up meals for their families. Melissa McClelland helps us with recipes to prep for the week and Laura Taxel shares healthy Sunday bakes. And we follow one of our favorite farmers, Steve Corso, into the muddy spring fields. Together, these stories are like seeing Sunday through a kaleidoscope that refracts and recombines the beauty of our diverse experiences and perspectives.

So whether you spend your Sunday in the garden, by the stove, or around the table, we hope the day is one that is filled with activity that expresses what matters most to you, and that it connects you more deeply to your family and community. May the love and hope you cultivate on Sunday nourish you throughout the week to come.