The Great Almond Milk Swap

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the nut milk craze, you’ve probably noticed that nut milks are consuming more shelf space in the dairy aisle, and almond milk is among the most popular dairy alternatives. This blend of almonds and water creates a dairy-free alternative to milk that is sought out by vegans, those allergic to dairy, and many people just looking to make a healthy swap in their daily lives.

Several years ago, on the journey to lose 160 pounds, I made the switch from dairy milk to almond milk, and haven’t looked back. Almond milk is rich in vitamins, doesn’t raise blood sugar levels, and is really tasty and super creamy. Making simple, small changes, such as this one, has helped me on my path toward health and weightloss maintenance.

I use almond milk in any way I can, such as in a creamy ranch dressing and in smoothies, and by adding it to chicken soup for that luscious and comforting finish. Dessert shops use it in some of their dairy-free ice creams, and some of the local coffee shops make their own, so you can add something balanced and homemade to your morning cup of coffee.

While you can substitute almond milk for dairy in most baking recipes, it is important to note that many almond milks contain no saturated fat, making it a thinner liquid than dairy milk. If you’re using almond milk to make a pudding or custard, add a few tablespoons of cornstarch or flour to help reach that thick creaminess you may be missing from milk. Otherwise, if a recipe calls for 1 cup of milk, use 1 cup of almond milk. If you’re using a sweetened almond milk in a baking recipe, feel free to reduce the sugar by ⅓, so as to not overpower the dish with sweetness. One of my favorite recipes, my dairy-free banana nut oatmeal bake, was inspired by some friends coming over for a laid-back Sunday brunch. I am such a nut about anything banana nut, and this recipe comes together in less than 30 minutes with some pantry staples, making it a winner any time of any day or week. Leftovers are delicious for several days of breakfast.