FreeRange SkinCar is All About the Egg

Sandra Bontempo is enthusiastic about her chickens and the benefits of a well-loved egg. She has a deeply held belief that chickens are undervalued, intelligent animals, who provide us an amazing thing—the egg—when they are treated with love and respect. I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy and one of her chickens, a rooster named Winston (who is, coincidentally, the first certified therapy rooster in the country) at the Shaker Square Farmers Market. I went to check out her products in person and get some rooster therapy while learning about the science behind the egg.

FreeRange SkinCare came about from Sandy’s background in business and chemistry, her desire to rescue and nurture birds, and her love of the nutrient-dense properties of the egg. She created her products to address eczema and other skin issues affecting members of her family. Tired of using steroids, she channeled the legacy of four generations of family—who made soaps and lotions—with her knowledge of chemical compounds, while incorporating eggs to create a natural alternative for people with sensitive skin.

Though Sandy’s journey toward natural skin care began 20 years ago, she launched her business just three years ago after finding the right natural preservative—Benzylalcohol-DHA—which retains the products’ organic properties and also maintains the integrity of the eggs. Her goal is to make products that actually work without using harsh, potentially harmful chemicals and preservatives.

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So, why eggs? There are many studies and resources out there on the value of the egg, especially from hens that are well cared for. Eggs contain amino acids, vitamins A and E, collagen, lutein, magnesium, and zeaxanthin, among other nutrients, which together form a powerful mixture for healing and protecting the skin. The skin absorbs 60% of the elements it is exposed to, so the topical application of eggs benefits more than just the surface layer of the skin. All of the FreeRange SkinCare birds were rescued or hatched on Sandy’s watch, and she is adamant about the quality of the egg directly reflecting the level of compassion and care a bird receives.

“The egg is nature’s perfect package and contains all the things our bodies need to thrive,” she says.

FreeRange SkinCare’s product line includes creams, cleansers, lip balm, masks, sunscreen, and serum. They make great Mother’s Day gifts. You can find Sandra’s products online at, at all Heinen’s locations, Mustard Seed Market, and North Union Farmers Market.