Letter to Our Readers

We’re well into the year at this point, and I’m still clinging to the idea that I’ll see my new year’s resolution through to December. This year, I’ve chosen to work on being more present.

It’s an overused phrase that’s been over-commodified. I’ve tried them all—books, podcasts, apps, and even Oprah—in the hopes of achieving a greater sense of awareness. I confess that my motives are fairly simplistic. Selfish, even. I’m really tired of searching for my keys.

I suspect that you, like me, long to focus on one thing at a time rather than 10. Multitasking is the enemy of presence. I got to thinking about Henry David Thoreau’s two-year retreat to Walden. Sounds dreamy, if not a little extreme. But I am still hoping for a good old-fashioned snowstorm, the kind that stops a city in its tracks for a couple of days, offering plenty of time for a reprieve, a nap, and some leisure reading.

I benefit greatly from the trappings of technology, but I can’t deny the sweet simplicity of life before mobile phones and Instagram. Undivided attention. Empty pockets. Maps. I did not know what you were eating for dinner and I definitely did not have to “like” it.

We know that a magazine like ours requires a measure of presence on your part. Edible Cleveland turns 8 this spring. Here we are, audaciously printing a magazine on paper despite our insidious obsession on posts, clicks, likes, and, lest we forget, emojis. We believe that the work of our contributors is deserving of the beautiful paper it’s printed on. We love hearing you say that you hang on to our magazines for years. And we appreciate the time you give us, time and time again.

Rise, our theme for spring, examines growth, expansion, and things that are emerging. As you settle in with this issue of Edible Cleveland, it is my hope that you find yourself fully present with stories meant to be savored, not scrolled through.

Lisa Sands, Publisher