Publisher’s Letter

NOL3 It’s summer in Cleveland. And this summer promises to be especially sweet for those of us who care about food because in Cleveland this has been declared “The Year of Local Food.”

Of course, you don’t need to be told that Northeast Ohio’s local food scene is booming—just take a look around. Urban gardens are cropping up in every neighborhood, community-supported agriculture (CSA) shares are selling out, chefs are sourcing from growers throughout the region and new farmers markets are popping up all the time. On page 22 we have gathered a list of farmers markets we know about to help you explore this summer. If yours is missing, please let us know so we can add it to our online list.

Since we’re still very new to the party (for those who don’t know, you’re holding issue No. 2), I want to take a moment to explain a bit about this quarterly publication.

Like some of the best seasonal treats, Edible Cleveland only comes around for a brief period of time and we get snapped up quickly. So if you’re looking for a free copy, be sure to visit our advertisers early in the season to pick one up (see a full listing on page 47). Or, if you like the convenience of home delivery, sign up for a paid subscription. Your financial support helps us build a sustainable small business and it ensures you’ll never miss an issue.

Speaking of small business, Edible Cleveland would not be possible without the incredibly hard work of the people you see listed in the masthead and the amazing talent of our contributors. If you run into any of these folks at a party, be sure to thank them. Jon and I want Edible Cleveland to be a place where local food stories come to life through the creative talents of our writers, photographers and artists. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating their contributions.

Finally, we publish Edible Cleveland because we want to help build a bountiful local food economy. We want these pages to be a place of discovery, inspiration and celebration. So we hope you’ll tell us about the stories you loved, something new you learned, the photos that caught your eye and which recipes you tried out. We encourage you to join us on Facebook to update us about your favorite people, places and products in your neck of the woods. And drop us a note if you have a story you want to tell.

Together we are growing something beautiful—and we thank you for being a part of it.

Noelle Celeste