Rose Petals

I know we are all thankful summer is finally here in Cleveland, and as you walk along the beach at Edgewater Park or hang out at a friend’s barbecue, you may be admiring the beautiful roses lining our city streets. As the heat blooms, though, you might also be looking for a unique refresher.

How about a creative and edible bouquet to cool the palate?

If you thought roses were for only Valentine’s Day or getting out of the “dog house,” then you might be surprised to learn that roses have been used in the culinary world for thousands of years. Dating back to the Romans, rose petals and other flowers were used to add flavor and romance to a variety of dishes.

Roses for your recipes should be organic, locally grown and freshly picked. When growing your own roses remember that they thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. Use only organic fertilizers and pest control when growing roses for culinary purposes. As you prepare your dish, wash petals carefully in cool water, then pull or cut off white bottom section and discard it due to its bitter taste. Roses come in many colors, aromas and flavors. Each variety promises endless possibilities—let your imagination bloom.

Just imagine turning your summer centerpiece into a flavorful dessert that can cool your family and friends on a warm Cleveland evening. Why not try rose petal and champagne sorbet? It’s a sophisticated twist on a classic dessert that will give everyone at your party a welcome chill.