Edible Finds

Training for the Gay Games 9 can taste great

When I run in the Gay Games 9, it will mark nearly 20 months since I made the decision to become healthier, and lost more than 60 pounds, or nearly 30 percent of my body weight.

Over the years I had let my love of good food and wine and lack of exercise add pound after pound to my 5’ 7” frame, until I was on the verge of being morbidly obese and an excellent candidate for diabetes, heart disease, and any number of other health problems. The fact that I worked for the MetroHealth System made it even worse.

At first I could walk only at a fairly slow pace and I was on a 1,500-calorie-a-day diet. This didn’t leave much room for the many indulgences that I had grown used to, but over time, as I learned to walk longer, faster, and then to run longer and longer distances, I was able to reintroduce some of my favorite indulgences from my local Detroit Shoreway and Ohio City neighborhoods back into my diet. All of them are along my regular running path. So join me in getting moving at Gay Games 9, and then enjoy some of my favorite decadent treats.

Gay Games come to Northeast Ohio, August 9–16. With more than 35 sports, there’s something for everyone. Visit 2014GayGames.com to register to compete, attend, or volunteer.

Field Roast Veggie Dog and Tater Tots at Happy Dog, 5801 Detroit Avenue

The Mount Carmel Sundae at Sweet Moses, 6800 Detroit Avenue

Vegetarian Enchiladas at Orale at the West Side Market, West 25th Street & Lorain Avenue

Boulevardier at Toast, at 1365 W 65th Street

Happy Hour Burger at Flying Fig, 2523 Market Avenue