Editor’s Letter

I generally spend fully three quarters of the year looking forward to summer. And the same seems to be true for most people around Cleveland, at least if we go by the general air of relief that sweeps across Northeast Ohio somewhere around late May when we can finally be confident that we will have the next three months (and a little more if we’re lucky) of sun, heat, and some of the best local food you’ll find anywhere.

While my family certainly enjoys the local bounty of summer, that doesn’t mean we limit ourselves to this region, for summer is also the time of vacations, road trips, and the common urge to light out for the territory, as Huck Finn would say, and explore what the world of summer has to offer.

They say that travel broadens the mind; I would add palate to that. I’ve learned so much about places, and about food in general, by the meals we’ve eaten while traveling: wurst and semmels in Vienna, abalone in Big Sur, trout amandine and po’ boys in New Orleans, and lobster rolls and fresh fried clams on Martha’s Vineyard.

And don’t think you have to travel far from home to learn something fascinating about food. The Erie Islands area can teach you that a fresh-caught perch will rival any ocean fish for pure, perfect fish flavor. Or you could find that a little valley just south of Canton recreates Switzerland so well that it produces some of the best Swiss cheese you can find.

If you are looking for field trip ideas, then this issue will surely help you out. From picnic recipes to the Geauga County Fair and the Milan Melon Festival to our big summer Farmers Market list, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for a summer filled with delicious adventures.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to enjoy the magic of summer while it’s here. I know I will be soaking up all I can.