From The Publisher

The longer days of summer mean more time to let ourselves get lost and discover new things: experiences we didn’t even know we were missing. So in honor of the season, we’ve put together a summer edition that explores stories both lost and found.

Steve Corso was the first of our writers to come up with a story inspired by our theme. He wanted to understand the history of Northeast Ohio mills and why they are important to the local food revival. We were curious what he’d find, and so he set off to visit a handful of working mills.

Another story started with a single photograph by Shane Wynn. The moment I saw her portrait of local soul singer Wesley Bright, I knew we had to get this story. Why? Seeing Wesley off stage as a beekeeper, building a small business, and finding joy and discovery in harvesting honey, is a reminder to all of us that we are never just one thing. Some of us are marketing executives, teachers, and yes, soul singers, who also happen to be shepherds, master gardeners, and beekeepers.

Some of these stories are of forgotten things brought back: NORKA revives an old soda recipe, Haus Malts revitalizes an old brewing tradition once important to Cleveland, and Nature’s Bin turns a shuttered McDonalds into a training kitchen.

Even the sandwiches featured on our cover are a story of taking a Danish tradition and turning it on its head to find ways to bring local flavors to the recipes. Melissa McClelland searched in markets all over town to find the right ingredients to craft a Cleveland-centric Smørrebrød.

So here’s to summer, our storytellers, and to getting lost in a little summer reading that might help you find something new to taste, visit, buy, or make.