Lighter Than Air

Folding a light ingredient into a heavier one requires a few specific movements and a bit of practice, but the results of a mastered technique are well worth it. So many of our favorite dishes, such as cakes, mousses, and soufflés, succeed with a turn of the wrist.

Once egg whites or cream have been beaten to peak stage, the goal is to incorporate them into the rest of the batter, losing as little of the trapped air as possible. Place a dollop of the beaten mixture on top of the heavier batter in a separate large bowl. Use a rubber spatula to cut straight down through both mixtures, and then turn your wrist to flip the bottom over the top. Give the bowl a small turn and repeat.

Keep cutting, flipping, and turning until the two mixtures are mostly incorporated. Then add the remaining beaten mixture and repeat, this time making sure the two are completely mixed. You will want to work quickly, but gently, and always turn the bowl in the same direction.

Your resulting mixture will be smooth, light, and uniform in color, like a yummy cloud.

Want to try your hand at folding, or perfect your prowess? Visit for a recipe for a Raspberry Soufflé that brings out the beauty of this technique.