A Tasty Centennial Limited Edition

Every great party needs a specialty cocktail, so when the folks at the West Side Market started planning their Centennial Gala, they turned to their neighbors for the perfect drink.

Butcher’s Brew was the brainchild of Pat Conway, one of the two Conway brothers who founded Great Lakes Brewery. The beer was developed to reflect the broad swath of Cleveland’s cultural history represented by the vendors and cuisine of the West Side Market.

“The food aspect was a big part of our process,” said Luke Purcell, a brewer with 17 years at Great Lakes. “The malty profile covers a lot of ground—from spicy food to sweet food.” This Kulmbacher-style lager is a traditional and straightforward lager, slightly milder than the GLBC’s Eliot Ness Lager.

The 22-ounce specially designed bottles of Butcher’s Brew were given to guests at the West Side Market’s 100 Year Anniversary Gala in October. Tempted to taste this latest new brew? Stop by the Great Lakes Brewery pub located on Market Avenue in Ohio City to see if you can grab a pint while it’s still on tap. And if you miss it, don’t fret: You still can enjoy a tasty specialty beer. Just ask for a pour of Great Lakes’ most popular limited-edition seasonal brew—Christmas Ale—and raise your glass to the next 100 years of the West Side Market.