Local Coach and Teacher Promotes ‘Healthy Vending’

As a high school football and basketball coach at St. Ignatius, Tim Lug saw many a long day turn into night with often little time to dedicate to cooking healthy meals. Among the plethora of water bottles and ubiquitous Gatorade, at practice and on the road he began to notice all the unhealthy options in the vending machines and thought he could do better.

Jump ahead just two years and Tim Klug has taken his vision of healthy snacking to a higher level with his company Essentially Organic Vending. Based in University Heights and South Russell with a team of four full-time employees, Tim offers a myriad of healthy options ranging from Eden Organic trail mix to coconut water and even Divine brand fair trade dark chocolate. The company mixes and matches products to serve the particular needs of their clients—from schools to corporations. Tim also makes a point to include a growing number of local products as well, including Good Greens and Urban Raccoons gluten-free products.

Although you’ll no longer find Tim out on the field, he hasn’t given up on coaching and education. That drive to connect and help others is still a part of his work as he seeks out new locations for his healthy snacks. He also regularly visits schools to teach about healthy eating, giving talks in both grade schools and high schools about how to eat a more balanced and healthy diet healthy diet, sustainable farming, GMOs and processed foods.

“We like to help coach HR professionals, employees and even students on our healthy options,” explains Klug, “because, in the long run, they really are better than traditional vending options.”

Learn more at EssentiallyOrganicVending.com.