Remarkable Roots Dinner Party

You’re Invited to a Sara/Erin Dinner Club Party

Our parties feature amateur, gourmet cuisine with its own monthly theme, highlighting fresh, local ingredients. Bring your own homemade, creative dish and the recipe (involving root vegetables this month, get it?) for a multi-course extravaganza!

“Sara, I think we should start a dinner party club!” was the phone call that started it all. My idea? “Let’s have each guest bring a course featuring a theme ingredient that’s in season—like ‘Iron Chef!’” And just like that, the Sara Erin Dinner Party Club was born. Since then, we’ve hosted several themed potluck dinners, including Great Grapes and Pumpkin Palooza, and they’ve all been delicious. I’m not sure if it’s the food, the laughter or the rare chance to get everyone together that keeps us coming back for more, but it’s become our tradition and we’d like to invite you to join us!

Since everyone who attends the dinner is an artist, we take the “bring a recipe card for your dish” request a step further and ask our guests to design a card featuring their artistic style. It’s amazing to see the diversity and creativity in each dish and card when the dinner revolves around a single ingredient. To see more of the cards and get the recipes from our dinner visit