Local Ceramics Fit for Local Food

“I’ve been really busy, but in a good way,” says ceramics artist Gina DeSantis, who has been hard at work ever since her dinnerware debuted this year in Uncommon Goods, a popular nationwide online retailer that sells unique, handmade and eco-friendly gifts made by artists.

She created an exclusive line of personalized mugs in a faux bois woodblock pattern that sell for $72 per pair. “It’s been a lot of fun working with them, and a lot more people are checking me out online, which is great.” Since the Uncommon Goods catalog shipped in October, she’s made more than 1,200 mugs.

In addition to mugs, Uncommon Goods also features four styles of dinnerware, including pieces from her cherry blossom, summertide, wintertide, and porcelain faux bois collections.

Interestingly enough, pottery wasn’t her first love as an artist. “I initially planned to be a jeweler,” she says “but metal didn’t bend the way I wanted it to.”

Clay on a potter’s wheel was a totally different story. She started doing ceramics 13 years ago and has been doing ceramics professionally since 2006, when she graduated with her Masters of Fine Art from Kent State University.

“I love to eat and cook, so it’s a natural fit for me,” she says. “My hope is that my ceramic vessels bring happiness and joy to everyday rituals in the home and kitchen.”

However, you won’t find it gracing her own table.

“It’s weird, but I always use other people’s stuff at home,” she laughs. “I tend to buy pottery when I travel. I always gravitate to it.”

Interested in checking out more of her beautiful ceramics? Gina DeSantis’ studio is located at the Screw Factory at 13000 Athens Ave. in Lakewood. GinaDeSantisCeramics.com