Edible Finds

One of the great things about working with a team of people passionate about food is that we’re always introducing each other to delicious new products that we find at markets and shops. So we decided this holiday season to share a few of our team’s favorite finds with you. Each product is locally produced and available at limited locations.

Foundry Woodprint Coasters ($4 each) Leave it to Laura, our photo editor, to find just the right finishing touch, and she does it again with this fun collection of wood coasters. Get them at The Foundry Woodprint’s Holiday Shop at Crocker Park next to the Coach store from Nov 23–Dec 23. FoundryWoodprints.com

VTR Bitters ($10) Jon knew what he’d choose right away. When it comes to cocktail ingredients, VTR knows what it’s doing. These bitters will be a tasty delight every time you raise your glass. Available at Velvet Tango Room. 216.241.8869, VelvetTangoRoom.com

Pope’s Bloody Mary Mix ($7) Noelle was so happy to see local tomatoes put to good use. This spicy (really spicy) mix is a great addition to your winter brunches. Available at The Wine Spot in Cleveland Heights. 216.342.3623, TheWineSpotOnline.com

Maximum Garlic Powder ($7) Amber loves garlic. And she especially loves being able to buy local garlic at her neighborhood farmers market in season. During winter, you can sometimes track it down at Perennials Preferred in Chesterland or Flying Fig Market in Ohio City. PP: 440.729.7885, PerennialsPreferred.com. FF: 216.241.4243, TheFlyingFig.com

Black Witch Concord Grape Jam ($8.95) Lauren chose this tasty jam because she likes bringing a bit of seasons past to her winter plate. Made from local grapes, this is just one of the many flavors offered by Lyons Market of Garrettsville. Available at Breadsmith of Lakewood. 216.529.8443, BreadsmithCleveland.com