Borrowed and Beautiful

A lovingly assembled table welcomes guests to your special gathering. This spirited setting designed by Ann King of Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals features a mash-up of rented furniture and dishware—just in case you find yourself needing that extra table to accommodate additional guests, or you feel like giving the china a rest this year. Embellish with a personalized touch by incorporating family heirlooms. Season’s Eatings!

Vintage Plateware

Add a little whismy with mix-and-match plates, such as these, or choose a soft color collection, with muted pastels and greys. “Anyone can do this at home, too, and mash together two or three different sets of family plates or china,” Ann says.

Edible Floral Centerpiece

Build an edible centerpiece with in-season produce like root vegetables, herbs, or fruits from your local farmers market. This Urban Orchid-designed centerpiece has apples, oranges, purple kale, artichokes, yellow roses, and seeded eucalyptus, and sits atop a wire cake stand that is a family heirloom.

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The layered trend is not limited to fashion. Accentuate linens and your table runner with a patterned scarf from your closet. “Scarves are great for table-scaping,” Ann says. For extra dress-up, attach your pins or earrings to the scarf.

L’Nique Linens

L’Nique Linens spares the ironing and cleanup with their rented assortment of tablecloths, chair covers, placemats, accessories, runners and linens, including this flashy silver runner and bistro napkin set. “The shimmer creates a nice, fancy punch with the cozy textures and farm table,” Ann says.

Rc Wood Farm Table

This 8.-foot long RC Wood Table ($182), which comfortably seats eight to 10 is made from upcycled wood and stamped with a Cleveland East Side address that represents the wood’s origins. “As we say, every event deserves an awesome story,” Ann says. “They are great conversation pieces.”