Letter to Our Readers

When we started to work on this issue little over a year ago, knowing that the season’s long, dark nights and chilly mornings would be setting in for our readers, we chose the theme Flame and looked for stories about how food, fire, and warmth bring us together. As we work to finalize this issue now in mid-November, the destruction being wrought by the California wildfires has reminded us that, like so many things, fire can be and mean different things in different times and places. The people impacted by those wildfires are continually in our thoughts, and we hope that one day soon, they will find again the comfort and connection that we envisioned when we chose this theme.

This issue explores our theme in a number of ways: A Sri Lankan-American’s melancholic memories of her mother and her homeland are especially stirred as she makes her Amma’s Dhal Curry. This dish, symbolic of resilience, love, and tradition, is made even more special when shared with her two young sons. The firefighters of Fire Station 39 tell us about the tradition of mealtime in their workplace. And Chef Eric Wells lets us tag along to see how he uses his talent to celebrate love by creating intimately catered meals in people’s homes.

We recognize that it’s been a tough year for many of us. We hope this season brings reflection, gratitude, and comfort to your heart and something delicious and hearty to your plate. And as the temperatures continue to dip and the snow falls, we encourage you to keep in mind the farmers, producers, and artisans who work throughout these long, dark months to keep local food on our table.

Finally, the team here at Edible Cleveland wants to offer special words of thanks to our advertisers, subscribers, contributors, and fans. We are grateful for all the support you provide, which makes it possible to share these inspiring stories every season. We look forward to another year of partnership in support of our local food community.

Here’s to a cozy winter, and may 2019 bring many delicious days your way.