Top 5 Spices for Warming Up Your Winter

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If you follow Michael Symon on Facebook, you might have seen his recent shout out to ten of his favorite food spots in Cleveland. We were happy to see that Urban Herbs was among them. Not only is the spice monger one of our favorite stops at the West Side Market, Urban Herbs also helped out with Edible Cleveland‘s cover last winter. Head over to their stall to buy herbs and spices in bulk, or just get small tastes of these essential cooking ingredients and some really delicious ready-made rubs.

When we checked in with owners Dion and Nicole Tsevdos, they suggested these 5 winter spices to try right now.

Cumin: Indian spices definitely warm you up and this is a great example. But you can make more than curry with cumin. It’s an especially tasty addition to that wintertime favorite — chili.

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Cardamom: Our publisher, Noelle, is known to add this spice to just about everything, and not just Indian and Middle Eastern dishes, which commonly call for cardamom. Nicole likes it in her Chai tea. It’s a great warm-up on a weekend afternoon.

Ras el Hanout: Feeling a bit naughty? Next time you whip up some deviled eggs be sure to add this North African spice mix to the yolks along with mayo and mustard.

Porcini Powder: While we love developed complex flavors, sometimes you need a tasty shortcut. Porcini powder is a great secret for adding earthy flavor to your meatloaf and other winter meat dishes.

Sweet Hungarian Paprika: We do live in Cleveland, so this list wouldn’t be complete without this top seller. Pick up some fresh paprika and use it as an excuse to whip up some Paprikash. Just be sure to invite us over.

Find these and other great spices at Urban Herbs located in the West Side Market.

Photos by Laura Watilo Blake.