Trend –Spotting with Emily Ellyn

It won’t be long before these coastal trends make it mainstream. The culinary world is all about experimentation and fun with a playful side. So grab a group of adventurous friends and give these a try at your favorite restaurants.

On The Table:

• Sustainable, local and natural ingredients: funky root veggies, fun heirloom varietals, home made condiments with regional flair (local hot sauce!)
• Expanding options for special diets: creative vegetarian entrée options and sides, gluten-free cuisine to meet the demands.
• Good-for-the-gut fermented foods: from pickles, yogurt, and cheese, to kombucha, and of course, beer!
• Emerging flavors: smoke, tobacco, fermented and aged in barrels, will be seen on menus everywhere.
• Size matters: tacos, sliders, and “small bites” trump supersized sandwiches and wraps.

Ethnic Foods:

• Greek food is fighting for center plate, with interesting takes on hummus, baba ganoush, and artisan olive oils. Dipping is in!
• Puerto Rican cuisine is making a mark (Disney just put in a huge Puerto Rico kiosk in Epcot).
• Cuba is in the news and on the plate in 2015. Cuban food and culture will work its way into mainstream “fusions.”
• Asian-inspired ramen, seaweed, and matcha will continue to find their way onto mainstream menus.

Dessert and After Dinner:

• Savory desserts, with salted and smoked components.
• Gelato and house-made ice creams and yogurts.
• House made candies and small clever confections.
• Artisan organic coffee beverages with an emphasis on sourcing.

Cocktails and Drinks:

• More attention to glassware and how beverages are presented, served.
• Beer continues to be King! Local house brews offer interesting choices as well as “Hopstails.”
• “Small batch” distilleries producing quality local wine, spirits, and barrel-aged drinks.
• Shared punches, shrubs, and sangria for the table.
• Culinary Cocktails that taste savory and mimic classic or fun dishes. “Pizza martini, anyone?”
• Cider is hot and will take over drink menus by fall and take us through next winter.


Emily and Alton


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